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The Design Process



We encourage our clients to bring as much information to the table as possible. This often represents magazine clippings, pictures from books, or photographs of favorite places. We then discuss and begin to distill what is most appealing about these pictures. We look for a common thread or theme that connects these items. We also discuss what space requirements and adjacencies need to be accommodated, and prioritize wants and needs. The proposed site is then analyzed to determine how best to accommodate these needs on that site. This information will form our design program.

After the initial meeting we generate a site/building sketch, which shows how the proposed design plan works with the site. We next generate a Schematic Building Design, showing Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations of the proposed project. This work is typically sketched by hand and has a crafted feel.
During the next stage, Design Development, we move to larger scale, computer-generated drawings.  During this stage, the floor plan layout and elevations are agreed upon, and material choices for the interior and exterior are made.  Throughout the design process we are developing additional drawings with greater detail.

Design Development drawings are further refined, and dimensions, schedules, and material notes are added during the Construction Document Phase.  The final Construction Documents are then used for Permitting, Bidding and Construction.