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Residential Projects


Gray Road Farm

The additions and alterations to this New England Farmhouse were designed to serve as the residence for 3 generations of family. A studio apartment was created in the second floor of the ‘ell’ for Aunt Nancy to base herself from. The new eyebrow dormer provides an identity for this space, while the open plan allows for flexibility in it's use.

Prairie Overlook



Beech Glade

A young couple moved from the City with the intent of immersing themselves in rural living.  The home features an open Kitchen, Dining and Living Area. The adjacent Screened Porch with its fireplace overlooks a creek bed. This fireplace extends the porch’s use well into the fall. Another side of the Home overlooks a wetland.




Pond View



Beach Tower



Spring Keep

This elegant residence was designed for an energetic couple’s daily living, and to accommodate family and friends for gatherings.  The approach to the house overlooks a pond and functions as the formal face for the Residence, as well as its area of leisure.



Sievers Creek Farm





Thorne Hill

This home was designed to accommodate a young couple and their four children.  The Kitchen, Breakfast and Screened Porch areas open onto the main family gathering space. This family gathering area is semi-private, and tucked away from the front door/guest area. The second floor holds the children’s bedrooms and a playroom scaled for children. 

Oak Knoll

This casual residence, designed for a couple heading into their retirement years, overlooks a small pond.  All daily living can be on the first floor. There is additional space on the upper and lower levels to accommodate family and guests for gatherings.